Upcoming Workshops:

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Therapeutic Yoga and Sound Healing: A collaboration with Minna Sivola, a certified sound-healing practitioner from Finland. Receiving a sound healing from Minna is truly phenomenal. The live sound of instruments, including Tibetan bowls and tuning forks, will take you deeper into yoga poses in a way that is both relaxing and enlivening. Sunday, November 19th, 2017, 4:00-6:00 at the Healing Gate (3212 Monte Vista, in Nob Hill). Cost is $45. Pre-registration necessary due to limited space.

Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders & Hips Tense shoulders and tight hips are some of the most common complaints in yoga classes. Dysfunction in these areas can lead to neck, back and knee pain. What is or isn't happening at the hips can affect the shoulders and vice versa. Learn simple movements that can reduce tension and help you move more intelligently through all aspects of your daily life. COMING AGAIN IN 2018!

Therapeutic Yoga for Core Stability: The 'core' is a hot topic these days. Prepare to be surprised as you discover that when you truly move from the core it feels effortless, easeful, and light. Many of the common cues used for core strengthening in fitness classes, such as "tuck the tailbone" or "navel to the spine" are leading to injury. Find out why. Learn simple movements that will increase core stability needed to help you move well in all aspects of your daily life. COMING AGAIN IN 2018!

Advanced Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders & Hips: Yoga poses evolve from pure movement of shoulders and hips. Where there is restriction in the hips and shoulders, there is restriction and potential for injury in the pose. Discover how classical yoga poses emerge from the simple movements learned in the Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders & Hips workshop. Delight in taking flight as you experience moving into poses in a whole new way. This class is open to those who have attended Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders & Hips. COMING AGAIN IN 2018!

Therapeutic Yoga for Your Heart: Through the circulatory system, the heart extends to the tips of the fingers and toes. There is not a point where the heart ends and the arteries begin, it is all one. Chronic stress and dysfunctional movement patterns can lead to poor cardiovascular health. Learn simple movements that create more space for the heart to beat as it was designed. COMING AGAIN IN 2018!

Private & Semi-Private Sessions:

Each session is personal, hands-on, and customized to how your body moves. Yoga therapy includes a home program specific to your lifestyle.

  • Private sessions:  $85/hour (includes tax)

Group Sessions:  

Therapeutic yoga group sessions are offered on Fridays at the Healing Gate, 3212 Monte Vista Blvd NE. In this small group class you will release tension and pain and improve movement and ease. If you've heard that yoga is good for you but you've tried classes that moved too fast or where you felt uncomfortable voicing your individual concerns, this is the class for you. 

  • Group sessions are limited to 8 students. Registration only (no drop in) in order for students to see progress and receive a lot of direct support. This is an excellent opportunity to experience our personalized approach to therapy in a safe, quiet, group setting. 
  • $150 for 6 week session 
  • Fridays from 9:30 - 11:00  This class is currently full, wait list available.

CranioSacral Therapy Sessions: $85/hour (includes tax)

CranioSacral Therapy is a hands-on, light touch, method that helps you let go of tension by releasing restrictions and holding patterns that may result from physical injury, nervous tension, poor posture, or emotional trauma. It is performed on a treatment table while fully clothed.